Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020

'Me Myself and Isolation' - Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020
Superordinary building, Albert St. Brisbane CBD

I was excited to be part of the 2 day project during  Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020 showcasing 19 artists colouring the interior of the Superordinary Building (BSAF 2020 Headquarters) from floor to ceiling across 3 floors!  

I chose a pillar to paint and themed it to Covid again, featuring all the things my friends said they were doing during 'social distancing' at home to keep sane. 

The sun seemed to be a central theme for everyone, so I went with yellow and juxtaposed it with the moon, showing that isolation was around the clock.

This event was also live streamed on Twitch and all of the artists were interviewed one on one over the two days! 

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