Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020

'Save the World - Be a Soaper Hero' - Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020
Cross River Rail Gantry, Albert St. Brisbane CBD
Photos by Tae Young

My homage to saving the world by washing your hands during covid! 
I was superexcited to be part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival this year and even more so, that the festival got the green light to paint (in our isolated spaces) murals at the Cross River Rail Construction site in Brisbane's CBD. 10 artists painted original work in 3 days!


Even cooler, the event was live streamed over Twitch so home watchers could participate and interact with the artists as the work progressed!  100k unique views from our livestream over the three days!

Checkout my page on the BSAF2020 website:

Image by Wesley Tingey
Image by Charlie
Image by Wesley Tingey