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Girl Power-Tool

'Girl Power-Tool'
Shortlisted in the B.C.C Artforce Awards 2019
Feature Photos by Helen Kassila


'Girl Power-Tool' illustrates the strong modern confident woman wielding power tools to get the job done. Wo-manual Arts is an empowering thing!
Come on ladies...You Know the Drill! 'You can do it...DIY!'

I think the BCC traffic signal box initiative is one of the best creative projects in Brisbane. It connects the community and is a visual representation of Brisbane's sense of place. 

I know from painting on the street,(literally...sometimes you're laying down doing the low parts on the actual freaking street  ) so many people came up to say how much the artwork gives them a high!

Here's a link: 'click here' to the B.C.C's Urban Smart Projects site showing the exact location of this TCB if you want to visit in person!  


1 DomO'Leary_GirlPowerTool-1200_cropped.
Image by Charlie
Image by Charlie
Image by Charlie
Image by Charlie
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