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The Valley - Right up my Alley

Image by Tools For Motivation

'The Valley - Right up my Alley'
Shortlisted in the B.C.C Artforce Awards 2015


The valley has always been about live music to me. When the Zoo first opened, (just a corner jump from this box) I was one of the many Brisbane artists to adorn it's walls in mural art. My zebra clad girl climbing up the stairs on all fours, and butterfly lady greeted live music lovers as they climbed the stairway to musical heaven for years.


The old Valley was right up my alley...and now the with the valley opening old alleys, housing more places for fashion and artisans, my design represents the fusion of fashion and music (with zoo inspired musicians).


I chose a sunny palette to illustrate the valley coming back to life in the day time with alley's starting to revive day time shopping and markets again. I always love contributing to community, and painting a TCB (traffic signal box) for Brisbane City Council is a rewarding experience, bringing more life to our urban streets through art! 

Here's a link: 'click here'  to the B.C.C's Urban Smart Project's site showing the exact location of this TCB if you want to visit in person!

Frock n roll!!!!

Painted brick wall_edited_edited_edited.
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