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Shady Lady Lamps - Light up your life!

The Shady Lady Lamps are getting closer to lighting up your life!

I've been slippin' out some moulds one by one and have almost finished a unique batch of 20 lovely ladies!

Each slip cast ceramic lady is hand poured, hand painted and hand sgraffitto tattoed with their own individual style! They're then fired to bisque, and after that I have applied gloss glaze to the bits that matter most... hair, lips and nips...and then fired again!

To complete the tiki style, each Shady Lady Lamp comes with a woven basket lampshade set upon a handmade bamboo light fitting with an l.e.d usb powered light source to add some light 'sauce' to your life! The Shady Lady loves to sit in a dark place: a romantic nook or linger longingly looking at you from a dark corner of a kitsch tiki bar.

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