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Please take note! This is a 'seconds' lamp! Due to the nature of random acts during firing, this one has an imperfection on the back of her hair (see pics). A tiny bit of clay from the kiln in the back of her  glossy hair and a small smudge on her front shoulder.  As a result of this randomness, I have discounted her!

Handmade by Dom using slip cast ceramic, Acacia wood, bamboo, natural woven materials and 5V LED lighting. Handle with care. Ceramic materials are breakable.  Use a wet soft cloth and gently wipe away marks. Use a mild soap only.


The 5V LED light is USB powered and can be plugged to a usb port/ hub, 240/120V USB adapter or portable battery pack.  Lamp switch is turned to on when assembled, if lamp does not turn on when plugged in, gently press down lamp switch inside lampshade.


Warranty: Free replacement of non functioning LED bulb within 1 year of purchase. 

(SECOND/discount!) The Shady Lady Lamp - Batch#01-16 (small imperfections!)